Retreats and Workshops at Fire Mountain

For more than 8 years, Fire Mountain has hosted a variety of retreats in subjects as diverse as yoga, healing, meditation, massage/bodywork, adventures, and much more. We offer a safe, serene place of refuge where students, teachers and guests may learn and deepen a practice in an empowered spiritual environment.

Facilitators of retreats have agreed to support Fire Mountain’s nature, culture and wellness educational purpose, and are responsible for their programs, including marketing and content.

Learn in  an Empowered Spiritual Space

What better way to deepen an interest or discover a new passion than to take a retreat at Fire Mountain? Enjoy learning in a peaceful, natural setting, and take advantage of everything Fire Mountain has to offer during breaks and mealtimes.

Lead a Retreat

Interested in teaching at the sacred area surrounding Bhagawan Nityananda’s Mahasamadhi temple? Join the many world renowned teachers and facilitators who have come to Fire Mountain and bring your retreat to this sacred area! We offer sweet and simple accommodations, a beautiful geodesic dome and/or two 900 sq ft. rooftop spaces for your meetings, and professional group services for as few as 10 to as many as 30 participants. You can be assured that our dedicated staff will provide you with all the support needed to make your workshop successful.

For Retreat Leaders

Fire Mountain is the only retreat center in the Ganeshpuri area that provides a nourishing atmosphere where personal transformation and empowered learning are available to all.

Retreat bookings require a ten-person minimum for a three-night stay. We are able to accommodate retreats for up to 30 people, and all bookings include:

  • Accommodations and access to all Fire Mountain facilities
  • Three delicious meals served daily on Fire Mountain’s outdoor dining veranda
  • Unlimited use of our workshop studio spaces: we have a 36’ geodesic dome and/or two 900 sq. ft. covered rooftops overlooking Mount Mandagni
  • Use of props including, but not limited to, yoga mats, blocks, and blankets
  • Support from our Retreats & Programs team in booking, planning and executing your retreat

While at Fire Mountain, you and your retreat participants will enjoy:

  • Namaste guest service provided by our friendly staff
  • Simple, comfortable and clean accommodations in a spectacular jungle
  • Access to our in-house Ayurvedia/Panchakarma services (charges apply)
  • Access to Fire Mountain’s geo-thermal hot tubs
  • Daily trips to Bhagawan Nityananda temple and all of the other powerful temples in the area
  • Proximity to Mumbai

We recommend that planning your retreat with a minimum lead time of 9 months to assure availability of accommodations and meeting facilities, and to allow sufficient time marketing to prospective participants.

For more information on our all-inclusive retreat rates and the retreat reservation process, please send us an email at  We look forward to hearing from you!

Meeting Facilities

Fire Mountain offers three meeting areas where you can conduct your workshop:

  1. 36’ geodesic dome
  2. two 900 sq ft. covered rooftops

Equipment and Support

In order to accommodate you during your workshop, we have available a large variety of items for your use, at no additional cost.

You will receive a list of these items eight weeks prior to your arrival. Items can include:

  • Flipchart with stand
  • speakers and micophones
  • Laptop/mp3 player hookups
  • Yoga mats, blankets and blocks
  • DVD player
  • Plastic chairs and tables

Frequently asked Questions for Group Retreats

Are the meals included in group rates?

Yes. Fire Mountain has special rates for groups that include lodging and meals, starting with dinner on day of arrival and ending with lunch on day of departure.

Can Fire Mountain accommodate special dietary requirements?

We serve an abundant array of healthy foods labelled specially for dietary needs.

When is rainy season? When is the best time to schedule a workshop?

Fire Mountain enjoys warm days and cool nights from November – March each year.  Pre-monsoon: April, May and June tend to be hot.  Monsoon is a glorious tropical time of year lasting from mid-June to September

Will my cell phone work at Fire Mountain?

We are in range for most cell phones.  If traveling from out of India – be sure to sign up for your cell services travel plan.

What about WIFI? Can I check my email at Fire Mountain?

Internet is available on most areas of the property. Usage is free. Large downloads are strongly discouraged (It slows down bandwidth for everyone.) Dial-up service is not available.

Do you provide transportation to and from the Mumbai airport?

We offer transportation for our guests. The price is $35 per person for a single pick-up/drop off. The regular taxi rate can cost between $90-125. The cost of pickup and drop off for your participants is NOT included in our group rates.

Other Activities/Services Available

(a la carte charges apply):

  1. Sari-wrapping class
  2. Local tours:  shopping, temples, sacred sanctuaries
  3. Chapati making and Indian dishes cooking class
  4. Rangoli-mandala making class
  5. Henna hand-painting (aka Mehndi)
  6. Agnihotra class
  7. singing bowls class
  8. Photography/video services
  9. Translation services (for pujas, yagnas, etc)