Create Your Own Personal Ayurvedic Retreat

Come find spiritual peace and physical healing by destressing from modern life's tensions and the resultant accumulation of toxins.

Carve out time for your own personal retreat

We are happy to design a personal retreat just for you!

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Why a destressing retreat?

According to Ayurveda, good health depends upon our capability to fully metabolize all aspects of life, assimilating that which nourishes and eliminating the rest. When we can't completely digest our food, experiences, and emotions, toxins accumulate in our bodily tissues, creating imbalance and -ultimately- disease. In addition, modern society has become a toxic assault on the human body, from pesticides, herbicides, household cleaners, building materials to air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution.  Ayurveda is an elegant cleansing process that releases stored pollutants and restores the body's innate healing ability.

All of our meals are "Hale Pule inspired".



  • Regular Panchakarma consulation with staff doctor
  • Five Panchakarma treatments a day for fifteen days including therapists and herbal medicines
  • Lodging in double occupancy attractive room- western toliets, hot showers, comfortable single beds
  • "Hale Pule inspired" Panchakarma food --organic when possible
  • Purified Reverse Osmosis water
  • Use of out door geo thermal hot tubs
  • Transportation into Ganeshpuri upon request
  • Two sight seeing excursions to nearby tourist points of interest
  • Daily Agnihotra ceremony
  • Yoga classes (if requested)
  • Several Presentations on Ayurveda, Self Help Healing Practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Psychology of Happiness

We will be limiting the retreats to only 14 people maximum, with a minimum of eight

Specially trained therapists must administer these cleansing procedures in a definite sequence for a specified period of time.  Although Panchakarma is for the most part a delightful and comfortable therapy, there can be periods of discomfort associated with the profound release of toxins, which does occur.  It is therefore, essential that a knowledgeable expert who can recognize the signs of properly and improperly administered Pancharkarma treatments and supervise the entire therapy.

More Beautiful Than Ever

Fire Mountain Retreat is ready for its next round of Ayurveda Panchakarma Retreats.  The rooms are freshened up with new memory foam mattresses, vessel sinks, and marble tables.  The dining area has been moved to the back porch where guests can eat over-looking the garden and nearby rice fields.  The back yard has been redesigned to reveal new areas to meditate and contemplate the Divine Energy abundant here.


Next Steps...

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