Q1.  How many guests will be attending a Panchakarma Retreat.  I don't want to be neglected of my treatment because there are too many clients at the same time.

A1:    The number of guests at any retreat will be limited to fourteen clients.  There are seven bedrooms, and will be double occumpancy.

Q2.  How many therapists will be attending to the clients.  

A2:   There will be four main male therapists attending to the men, and four women therapists attending to the women. There will be adjunct therapists assisting these primary eight.

Q3:  I like a strong massage. Will your therapists be experienced?

A3:  Our therapists will be experienced and sensitive to your specific needs. Please be aware that a panchakarma massage is focused on your lymph system and you should not expect a deep tissue massage. The doctor will be available to discuss your treatments and any concerns.

Q4. I would like to stay at Fire Mountain Retreat after the Ayurveda program is over.  Will that be possible.

A4.  Yes, please contact us with your dates and we will tell you about availablity at Fire Mountain Retreat. We can provide a restful location and good healthy food for your post-retreat recooperation.  We can continue to provide daily ayurveda massage and help dispense your post retreat medication.

Q5.  When should I arrive if I am attending a retreat?

A 5. Guests should schedule their arrival so that they arrive the day or night before the first day of the retreat. The retreat starts at 8 am the first day with a treatment and a consultation.  Everyone should make an effort to be on the Fire Mountain property so that they do not miss a treatment or consultation.

Q6.  Can you help me navigate tipping practices in India?

Tipping in every country is different and we are here to help decipher what is appropriate in India.  First of all -- tips are not mandatory -- they should be an expression of your pleasure for the service you received.  The Indian Fire Mountain team works very hard at their Guest Services and Ayurveda treatment work and appreciate it when a guest is pleased enough to want to leave a tip.  We recommend a flexible 5- 6% of your total bill as an appropriate amount.
When groups are staying at Fire Mountain -- the Fire Mountain Management team recommends taking up a voluntary tip collection from all of the group members and we will distribute what the group has given to every member of the Indian Fire Mountain team in an equitable manner.  Another option is for the FM Management team to simply add a 6% service charge to the group bill.
Please feel free to discuss these options with us.

Q7. Here is a link that informs you about Indian electricity, electrical plugs, converters, electric sockets and electric adaptors:


Q8.  What are guests saying about the program?

“It was my first Ayurveda Retreat and it was very beautiful.”   Verma, Germany

“Like a shedding or blossoming of yourself, the layers will drip away and a new self emerges.”   Michele, United States

“I would recommend Fire Mountain Retreat as it is such a relaxing atmosphere.  All of the people and treatments are great.  The staff are very caring and so genuine."   Andrea, England/Malaysia

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Fire Mountain Retreat.  The level of care and attention put into every aspect from the treatments to the food has been outstanding.  No request is too small, you really feel cared for.  All of the staff have been incredibly welcoming and friendly, making it easy to feel at home.”   Michelle, Malaysia/England

“A great Blessing.  More than I expected!  So many therapies and the best was saved for last – Navakizhi – herbal rice massage.”   Maitreyi, United States

“The experience from beginning to end was excellent.  Highlights include:

  • Spiritual grounding of each day and each session
  • Therapists are extremely well trained – this shows up in the confidence in their hands and their professionalism”

Rudra, United States

“My experience was of being nurtured and loved.”   Rudrani, United States

“The atmosphere at Fire Mountain is so supportive and the entire operation is ideal for those unfamiliar with the process of Ayurveda.”   Purna, United States/Taiwan

“The ten day Panchakarma program surpassed my expectations and I feel renewed and positive.”   Sara, Australia

“The treatments were profound and effective.”   Eddie, Austria

“In the process of being treated at the Fire Mountain Retreat to purify our bodies and minds, there were consequences that were totally unexpected.  The beautifully performed massages by strong and gentle highly trained hands offered with love and purpose revealed understandings from deep inside as powerful as my years of meditation provided.”   Harris, United States

“The massage was brilliant.”   G. K., India

“Everything was excellent.”   Prem, Switzerland